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Firmware Update of NH-FB/FV Network Monitoring LED Signal Tower
and NBM Interface Converter

 We have identified the vulnerability of the NH-FB/FV Series and NBM Series to backdoor access by third parties.
 When these units are connected to an external network, there is a potential risk of third-party attackers gaining access to the system.
 To resolve this threat, we ask you to update your firmware.
Affected Models
 NH-FB Series: firmware version 1.45 or earlier
 NH-FV Series: firmware version 1.10 or earlier
 NBM Series: firmware version 1.09 or earlier
Degrees of Vulnerability
   Update device to its latest firmware to prevent backdoor access.
   The firmware can be downloaded from the ‘File Downloads’ button on the respective product pages of our website.

   Links to product pages:

nhfv 《 NH-FV series 》
  The latest Version: 1.13
  Compatible models: NHL-xFV1 / NHP-xFV2 / NHL-xFV2
  Link to product page:

nhfb 《 NH-FB series 》
  The latest Version: 1.46
  Compatible models: NHL-xFB1 / NHP-xFB2 / NHL-xFB2
  Link to product page:

nbm 《 NBM-D88N series 》
  The latest Version: 1.11
  Compatible models: NBM-D88N
  Link to product page:

How to Download


   Click on “File Downloads” from the product page of your specific model.


   Click on “Firmware_ver-XX (latest version)” at the bottom of the File Downloads list. Your download should start.
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