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WD PRO Base Unit
WD PRO Base Unit
Contact Input -Serial Communication Base Unit
The WD PRO transmitter and LED unit are added for serial data acquisition and contact input information and detailed equipment operation information is rendered visible.
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WDB-D80S-PRO can only be used for WDT-6LR-Z2-PRO

It can be mounted on the transmitter WDT-6LR-Z2-PRO for WD PRO.

  • Features a serial communication interface to attach devices such as a barcode reader to trace detailed employee data and control product quality. Obtain up to 60 bytes of serial data total.

  • Equipped with 8 contact inputs enabling acquisition of up to 255 data codes. Supports NPN/PNP/relay contact; output can be a decimal, binary, or hexadecimal number.

  • Features 2-way wireless communication to remotely trigger tower light signals from host PCs.

  • The WDS-WIN01 (ver. 1.03 or later) allows you to export data as a CSV file which can be easily manipulated for various calculations and charts.

Model Specifications

Rated Voltage24V DC
Protection RatingIP65
External Contact InputSignal tower inputs (red, yellow, green, blue, white, buzzer);
8 external contact inputs; 1 reset input; serial communication input


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